Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tim gets excited... going fast in the rain

Tim has just sent me this link and it's worth a couple of minutes of your time. He's riding down a bit of a hill on a motorway, in the rain. With the hatch cover off by the look of it:

Which does remind me, I need to get a better speedo. The Knog one seems to record 145km/hr as my top speed every day, so I suspect it has some kind of limit to what speed it will allow. I don't think I go anywhere near that fast, so I'm going to try for a more accurate speedo. My actual top speed on my daily commute is probably only about 60km/hr, usually on the new bridge near Flemington Station. That's a fairly steep descent on a fairly good path, so I can coast from 30km/hr at the top of the hill and still be doing 50km/hr when I get to the bridge.

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