Friday, September 17, 2010

Helmet Camera!

I was aimlessly browsing eBay and noticed that you can get a helmet camera for $AUS16 including postage. Given what has happened to my previous helmet cameras I thought that might be worth trying. It's cheap enough that even if I do accidentally destroy it I won't mind. Strangely, it works really well. For the price I was half expecting it to stop working after a couple of hours. But it's still going after a few weeks on my helmet. Ben has also bought a few of these so I expect you'll see some proper footage in the future. For now it's all a bit wobbly and badly edited as I try to fit this stuff in around the rest of my life. In the meantime, I've uploaded acouple of  video snippets of my commute home to Vimeo.

RotoVelo Ride Home from Moz Moz on Vimeo. This is early in my commute home, through Docklands in Melbourne where I switch from shared path to bike lane then bike path. It's relatively smooth but there's still a lot of camera shake so I'll be working on that in future. For now, it's what I've got.

RotoVelo 2 from Moz Moz on Vimeo.  This corner on the Moonee Ponds Creek shared path (NearMap view) has a really ugly off-camber right angle turn at the top bridge underpass, leading to an uphill amble around to the next bridge underpass. Or you can hoon down a ramp and ride along in the concrete "creek". But you're on the ouside of the corner so the gap between the water and the grass gets quite narrow and there's water running across the concrete that supports a lot of slimy stuff. On a two wheeler it's pretty exciting. But with rotovelo the corners and climbing are more of a hassle, and the sliding around doesn't matter much at all. This is, however, where most of the mud gets sprayed onto the bike. In the video there's also a dog encounter at a particularly narrow point.

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