Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rotovelo (RV) group ride 1

Introducing guest blogger Tim Marquardt, another RotoVelo early adopter.

What do you call a group of velomobiles? Or, more specifically, a group of RotoVelos? Well, for the time being, until someone cleverer than me comes along and tells us all otherwise, I shall refer to this group as a Dozen of RVs, on the basis that my good lady wife lovingly refers to my newest toy as “your green egg”. Or maybe a Zeuss of RVs (as in Dr Zeuss, he of Green Eggs & Ham fame). No, for the time being, a Dozen it is.

So, I am here to report on the first ever RV Dozen Ride, which took place in near perfect conditions early last Sunday. Eight of us met at Albert Park Lake and rode to Black Rock and back. In summary, we brought a significant number of smiles to the folk who were lucky enough to see our awesomely colourful convoy. Even the most hardened roadie smiled. How could you not? Eight brightly coloured eggs rolling down the road is a sight never seen before, at least not here in Australia.

At our rest spot, at the Velocino Cafe in Black Rock, many passers by stopped and took photos of the eight vehicles lined up on the side of Beach Road, like a huge, long multi-coloured velocipede.

Lastly, and for the moment, as a story teller in part, I hope that this day will be remembered as the first: the first group of RV riders to show the rest of the world their fun, fast, comfortable vehicles. RotoVelo may or may not become more popular than McDdonalds and Coke, but as we rolled along on the most glorious of spring afternoons, pedalling , waving and smiling to all those passing and being passed by us, it felt like this might be the start of something rather special and fun. We shall have to wait and see.


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